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Services to Empower and Support

At Bahn CPA, we embody a boutique-styled approach bringing dedication and wholehearted attention to each and every client.

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Tax Return Preparation

Annual tax filings are required. We are here to make them a little easier. We prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, S Corporations, trusts, and estates

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Tax Strategy and Consulting

Providing year-round holistic support which allows for limiting your tax liabilities and growing your generational wealth

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Tailored Fit Business Services

We offer an elevated and refined service of annual recurring support that combines tax preparation, strategy, and bookkeeping

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Estate and Trust Services

Assist in the planning for the transfer of assets and minimization of the tax burden for your beneficiaries

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Personal Financial Education

Create more room for “yes” moments through embracing your inflows and outflows. Bespoke financial literacy education and consulting

Why Bahn CPA

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At Bahn CPA we have over twenty-five years of combined experience in the tax and accounting fields. We have experience in a broad array of industries which bring enhanced support.
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Our team members have different expertise subsets which allows for a great breadth of support. Our team can support you and your family, along with businesses.

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Secure Portal

As a virtual tax and advisory practice, we value having a secure portal which client’s have access to on the go and whenever needed.

Committment to you above everything else.

Even though we are primarily a virtual tax practice, we enjoy and regularly plan for in-person meetings with clients. We are open to serving you and your family in the best manner that fits your needs.

Comprehensive CPA Solutions

We provide our valued clientele with a full range of solutions to assist with both personal and business tax strategy, consulting and filing. Explore some of our most in-demand solutions. 

  • Tax preparation for individuals
  • Tax preparation for partnerships
  • Tax preparation for S Corporations
  • Tax preparation for gift tax filings
  • Tax preparation for estates
  • Tax planning services for individuals
  • Tax planning for generational transfer of wealth
  • Estate tax planning
  • Reasonable compensation planning for business owners
  • Business structure strategy
  • Business tax consulting
  • Bookkeeping for businesses
  • Bookkeeping for financial education and empowerment

The firm you have been looking for, at Bahn CPA

The collaborative approach that embraces a boutique firm which puts the client first above everything else.

Let’s Get Started

Our services extend beyond simply filing tax returns. We provide ongoing support throughout the year, answering your tax-related questions and proactively identifying potential opportunities for tax savings.