Estate and trust services

Bahn CPA

Planning for you and your family

Assisting in cultivating the best plan for you to leave a confident legacy for future generations and adhering to all filing requirements for trusts and estates

Overview of our Estate & Trust Solutions

Working to curate a plan

Everyone has a need for an estate plan, it is about determining the correct path for you and your family.

Trust assistance

Supporting you and your trustee in filing of annual filings, and tax planning.

Estate filing and assistance

Estate filing and assistance. The passing of a loved one is not without challenges, but we will guide you through the federal and state income filings, along with the tax filings for the decedent.

Bahn CPA

Trusted Advisor and Biggest Supporter

As a CPA Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring clarity and empowerment to our clients. Our services are uniquely curated for each individual client. We value our ability to listen and proactively respond with the support that will add value to your daily life. Whether it is tax compliance work related to filing tax returns annually, strategizing for the best outcome of your family wealth transfer, or discussing your personal financial journey, Bahn CPA's goal is to be your trusted advisor and biggest supporter!

Let's Get Started

Our services extend beyond simply filing tax returns. We provide ongoing support throughout the year, answering your tax-related questions and proactively identifying potential opportunities for tax savings.