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Bahn CPA

Your business support team

As a business owner, you understand the numerous hats you wear in running your business. Our team collaborates with you and your team to reduce the stress of accounting and taxes.

An overview of our Solutions for Businesses

What services do we offer for businesses?

What services do we offer? We offer an Elevated and Refined service package for clients looking to bundle their business and personal return preparation with consulting into a monthly recurring fee.

Who is this ideal for?

Our business services are perfect for clients that have an individual company that is a separate tax-paying vehicle and needs support in addition to their personal return.

What does this service include?

Depending on the level of customized support, this would include monthly or quarterly meetings, regular email correspondence, tax compliance, and tax strategy recommendations.

Does this include bookkeeping?
In general we do not offer bookkeeping as a primary service, but we do have clients that request the services and we are happy to discuss with potential clients.

Bahn CPA

Trusted Advisor and Biggest Supporter

As a CPA Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring clarity and empowerment to our clients. Our services are uniquely curated for each individual client. We value our ability to listen and proactively respond with the support that will add value to your daily life. Whether it is tax compliance work related to filing tax returns annually, strategizing for the best outcome of your family wealth transfer, or discussing your personal financial journey, Bahn CPA's goal is to be your trusted advisor and biggest supporter!

Let's Get Started

Our services extend beyond simply filing tax returns. We provide ongoing support throughout the year, answering your tax-related questions and proactively identifying potential opportunities for tax savings.