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How to read a W-2 Form

How to read a W-2 Form

How to Read a w-2 FormEver wonder how to read your W-2 Form and why it is important? Did you know that when I prepare projections for estimated taxes each quarter one of the things that I request is the latest payroll stub? This is because I understand the complexity...

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Ordinary and Necessary

Ordinary and Necessary

Ordinary and NecessaryThe very first question any new entrepreneur has is…”can I expense that?” Understanding what you can and cannot expense is one of the first lessons you will learn. You will also find out that every accountant and their interpretation of the...

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Understanding Estimated Tax Payments

Understanding Estimated Tax Payments

Understanding Estimated Tax Payments You are nervous, I get it. You are nervous that you will come to April 15th and get hit with an enormous tax bill. You can hear your accountant now, “Sally, you had a great year, but we didn’t plan accordingly, and you owe $10,500,...

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