Tax Return Preparation

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Guiding you through the annual filings

Annual tax filings are required, yet often burdensome.

Working with an experienced team to guide and support you and your family in filing the correct returns, both federally and on the state level is important.

What does Bahn CPA offer?

Tax Return Preparation Solutions

Individual Returns

This is the most well-known form for filing taxes in the United States, the infamous, Form 1040. Every year over 162 million households file Form 1040. We use our expertise to guide you in correctly filing your return on time while removing the stress.

Partnership Returns

Our team has experience filing various levels of complexity related to the Form 1065. From family partnerships to commercial real estate, we value bringing support to our clients in their family businesses and small businesses.

S Corporations

The income from an S Corporation, as reported on the Form 1120S, has become a hot topic on social media; however, our expertise is about properly reporting income, setting up deductions efficiently, and guiding our clients.


Often used in conjunction with other estate planning tools in the transfer of assets to the next generation, trusts often require a filing on the tax Form 1041. Our experience in reviewing trust documents brings an invaluable component to supporting our clients.


Not many individuals will need to file a Form 706 during their tax journey, but for those who need that support, having a CPA that understands the nuances of the form will ease the transition during a challenging stage.

Bahn CPA

Trusted Advisor and Biggest Supporter

As a CPA Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring clarity and empowerment to our clients. Our services are uniquely curated for each individual client. We value our ability to listen and proactively respond with the support that will add value to your daily life. Whether it is tax compliance work related to filing tax returns annually, strategizing for the best outcome of your family wealth transfer, or discussing your personal financial journey, Bahn CPA's goal is to be your trusted advisor and biggest supporter!

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Our services extend beyond simply filing tax returns. We provide ongoing support throughout the year, answering your tax-related questions and proactively identifying potential opportunities for tax savings.